My Ethical Fashion Journey (So Far)

I feel like I have a lot of thoughts swirling around my head that I'm trying to get straight and orderly so I can share with you. I think addressing the benefits and challenges of this lifestyle and being involved in the ethical fashion community online, what I've learned so far and where I hope to go moving forward is probably a good place to start. It's been a wild journey since I started researching in January 2018, decided to take the plunge in June 2018, and started documenting my journey in November 2018.

Feature Interview: Gi

"It goes beyond just fashion. It’s tied to so many other industries and issues—the environment, human rights, equality, representation, etc. Additionally, ethical/sustainable fashion is a spectrum and I think it’s important adapt a system that works sustainably for your lifestyle. There’s no right answer. Do your research."

Feature Interview: Lauren

Plus size people are being left behind in the world of ethical fashion. Most ethical brands only carry up to a size L, which is around a US woman’s size 8-10. The average American woman is a size 16. What message does that give to the world? That in order to be ethical, you have to fit into a certain size range? It’s lame and there’s only a handful of companies doing it right.

Feature Interview: Jade

The most sustainable fashion is wearing the clothes that you already own. Look into your wardrobe and extend the life of your clothing. Don't be afraid of people who seem to lead perfect zero waste lives (they don't) and are buying a lot of expensive ethical and sustainable fashion. You can make small, but effective, steps forward by re-wearing your own clothing. It starts with a really simple action.