About Me


I’m Stephanie, sort-of minimalist, capsule wardrobe enthusiast and wannabe slow fashion advocate. I spent most of 2018 on a clothing fast, researching the unethical practices of many large brands and the issue of labor trafficking in textiles, and felt personally convicted to change my habits. My hope with this little blog is to be a resource to share information for those who are curious about what ethical fashion is—I want to see if I can make these topics assessable to other people who (like myself) are ‘balling on a budget’ and not sure where to begin. There is no one way or perfect way to do things, and I suspect none of us will ever get it perfect. Here’s to trying, to gaining knowledge, and to learning to live slowly, simply and authentically.

Also, I live in SWFL with my husband, Eddy and our little boy kitty, Dusty. (Now it sounds like a true writer biography in the back of a book!)