May Capsule Wear Count

Hello sweet readers! Long time no write!

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At the beginning of May, despite not officially participating in the #May30x30, I decided to log my outfits for the entire month as an experiment to see how much of my closet I’m actually wearing. I don’t have a strict numbered list of items and my last count in February had me with somewhere around 60 items in my ENTIRE wardrobe (this includes items I intend to sell / donate, seasonal wear and formal wear) and I really loved about 30 pieces that I counted as my capsule.

I used Excel and Stylebook App to help track my outfits, which I started using a while back when I started wearing business casual to my new job and didn’t want to repeat outfits for once a week programming and meetings with upper management, which is a deep irony because I repeat outfits all the time now #capsulewardrobelife.

I didn’t put any parameters on myself to only use “x” amount of piece–just grabbed whatever I felt like each day to see what my habits are like without a specific challenge in place. Please enjoy my efforts to arrange things in a visually appealing way with no background in photoshop.

Tops – 12

Wear Count:
Plum Top: 6            White Tank: 1
Beige Top: 4            Striped Top: 1
Tradlands Tee: 3          Rust Top: 1
White Button Up: 3      White Ruffle: 1
Black Tank: 3          Peach Tank: 1
Beige Button Up: 2      Express Top: 1

Bottoms – 8


Wear Count:
Madewell Jeans: 12            Current Elliot: 2
Everlane Pants: 4            Madewell Shorts: 1
Ann Taylor Skirt: 3          White Skinnies: 1
Linen Skirt: 3      Guess Shorts: 1

Dresses – 3


Wear Count:
Ann Taylor LOFT: 2           Dressember: 1
Dressember / Elegantees: 1

    Shoes – 8


Wear Count:
Liz Claiborne: 10       Strap Sandals: 2
Sandals: 7            Black Sandals: 2
Brown Flats: 4          Black Heels: 1
Black Flats: 4      Sneakers: 1

I have to say, even though I religiously preach the ease and convenience of a capsule wardrobe, I was still amazed to see how consistently I reach for the same items again and again (though I had quite a few tops that I only wore one time and honestly could have gone without if I wanted to push myself). With 12 tops, 8 bottoms and 3 dresses, I wore a total of 23 items this month. Living in Florida means that the opportunities to layer comfortably are few and far between—you’ll notice I don’t have any layers at all which is due to it being a cool 90 plus degrees each day now. I also know some capsule wardrobe ladies don’t include shoes in their item counts, but if I did, I’d land right at 31 items.

I guess I really could have participated in #May30x30 but it’s nice to know what I’m actually reaching for! I ordered a clean out bag from thredUP and I can’t wait to send off some of my unworn items so someone else could give them new life. I think I’ll keep using the Stylebook app too, it’s so helpful to track your closet and wears! I wish I had started it at the beginning of this year but better late than never!

How was May 30×30 for you all? Do you track your wear counts at all?

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